Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Journal, Nanotoxicology

For those interested in nanotoxicology, there is a new journal called Nanotoxicology, published by Informa Healthcare. It’s a quarterly and you can review the first issue (just published March 2007) for free, which allows you to access to the first issue. The first article, Toxicology of nanoparticles: A Historical Perspective, by Gunter Oberdorster, Vicki Stone and Ken Donaldson, provides an excellent review. They include some early studies of particles such as viruses and combustion particles that were around well before the age of intentionally manufactured nanomaterials but which fit the nano description, and provided scientists with insights into the movement and fate of very small particles in living systems.

I’d expect an explosive growth in our understanding of how nanoparticles interact with the environment and with living bodies, but it seems there is a long ways to got and an urgency to get there quickly. Notes Oberdorster and others, “There have been many conferences, meetings, and workshops….with as many calls for developing testing strategies, with only few proposals, followed through by far less action.”

This first sample issue is worth a read and the few moments it takes to register for your month-long free access. Other articles include: “Assessing exposure to airborne nanomaterials: Current abilities and future requirementsby Andrew D. Maynard; Robert J. Aitken; Characterization of the size, shape, and state of dispersion of nanoparticles for toxicological studies by Kevin W. Powers; Maria Palazuelos; Brij M. Moudgil; Stephen M. Roberts; and Cellular responses to nanoparticles: Target structures and mechanisms by Klaus Unfried; Catrin Albrecht; Lars-Oliver Klotz; Anna Von Mikecz; Susanne Grether-Beck; Roel P. F. Schins.

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